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Meditation for Weight Loss

September 21st, 2010 by nealon

I'm not sure I can sit like that.

Did you know meditation can be an integral and easy part of your weight loss program or as we say here your weight release.  I learned the easy art of meditation early on in my transformation and wanted to pass along some really helpful tips on how to meditate.  So many people think it is reserved only for those who are specially trained.

Below are some comments from Sarah McLean, one of the foremost authorities on the subject of meditation who regularly teaches and holds retreats with her special Sedona Meditation.  She among many other things, has worked with Dr. Deepak Chopra for over 8 years.  You can do this…let’s get started.

Q:  Sarah, what are some of the top reasons people don’t pursue meditation that you are aware of?

A: Most people have misconceptions about meditation that really are false. Here are some that I have heard over and over again.

1. I can’t stop thinking. I say that’s right, you can’t – it is nearly impossible to stop thinking by thinking about it. The nature of the mind is to think, like the nature of your eye is to see. As you practice meditation correctly, without effort, your mind will settle down and you’ll access more and more subtle levels of thinking, and eventually, more and more silence. With the proper meditation technique, it is natural for the mind to transcend the thought process for a moment or two, but bear in mind, thoughts will always be a part of your meditation. And thinking doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. Be kind to yourself.