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It ain’t about how hard you hit…It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. – Rocky Balboa

January 20th, 2012 by nealon

I’ll never forget the day that I made the decision to pick myself up and try again…the day that started my transformation and brought me to where I am today. But, there is something else I’ll never forget either; the hundreds of times that I have failed at the same endeavor.

Failure, I have come to understand, is just a part of the learning process.  We all fail from time to time.  This is how we learn. Children fail at walking, until they get it. We fail at math, until we get it. We fail at driving a car sometimes, until we get it. We fail at dating, until we get it (hopefully). I failed at getting healthy, until I got it and learned the art of weight release. It matters not how many times you fail, but how many times you get back up and try again.

Get up…try again. You can do it!

It ain’t over till you stop breathing.

Be great today!

Nealon Hightower

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