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Ten Tips for Traveling Healthy

June 23rd, 2010 by nealon

Isn’t it nice to come back home after traveling and being away. I mean its always great to visit new places, meet new people and expand your horizons but nothing beats sleeping in your own bed and having access to your regular food and exercise routine.

I’ve been off for the last several weeks promoting my new book, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release which will be coming out within the next two weeks and I met so many wonderful people in the book industry including Cheryl Richardson author of The Art of Extreme Self Care of  Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Reid Tracey, CEO of Hay House Publishing. One thing I realized was the importance of being mindful of what your eating and your activity levels. It’s so easy to get knocked off course when your away. So, I spoke with many different people over the last two weeks and gathered some of the best ideas on how to stay fit while you travel…here we go

1. Remember your trip starts at home.

I always find it helpful to really try to make a conscious effort the week or two before I leave for a trip to get all my exercise in and eat extra healthy.  This puts me in the right frame of mind when I hit the road so all hell doesn’t break loose at the first sign of a Philly cheese steak (more on this later).

2. Don’t forget to drink your water.

Not getting enough water is just as bad for you on vacation as it is at home and it’s easy enough to remedy. Although they will not let you bring a full container of liquids on the plane, you can still bring your water bottle and fill it up at the first opportunity beyond the security checkpoint…not to mention save yourself $4.00 for a 12 once bottle of water, or worse, drink soda or something else because it’s more convenient. This one is really a no brainer and will save you time, money and calories.