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My Intentions

June 23rd, 2010 by nealon

As a companion to my book, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release, I have developed six intentions that will help guide you to your perfect weight. The first step is to make the commitment to changing your life, and to get started, I invite you to share your intentions with me. All you have to do is copy and paste the six intentions into an email message, put your name in the appropriate place and send it to

In return I will send you the six intentions in two convenient formats:

  • Wallet Size: Print out and trim this handy version to keep with you at all times.
  • Letter Size: Print out and place where you can view at all times.


I, ______________________________________,  choose to live my life from this day forward with clear intentions to:

  1. Start every day in a spirit of gratitude for what I have.
  2. Carefully pay attention to my thoughts and emotions by taking deliberate action and reserving time to quiet my mind, daily.
  3. Let go of all of the thoughts that do not move me in the direction of my heart’s desires.
  4. Allow all the good right and perfect people, things and situations into my life experience.
  5. Circulate the good that I attract to my life.
  6. Diligently apply my heart’s wisdom in my daily activities.

I understand that I improve every day and that my love and acceptance of myself is unconditional and not dependent on my actions on any given day.  I hold these intentions firm and send them out to the universe with love so that I may align my perfect health and life with my true nature.

You will feel a sense of empowerment flow to you once you have sent this off.  That is good.  Remember that feeling and keep this list of intentions somewhere you can see them every day.  Hold them in your hands and read them aloud.  This is what empowerment feels like.  Get used to it.  It will set you free.

You may also write these out and mail these intentions to:

Six Simple Intentions
P.O. Box 1226
Decatur GA 30031

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