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August 11th, 2010 by admin

The next Six Weeks to Permanent Fat Release
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Sure we all know we need to eat right and exercise to get good results, right?

Well, yes and no.  There are special ways to go about changing these behaviors that make it easy.

I think I know what to do but how do I get myself to take consistent action?

Easier than you think.  How you approach the problem make all the difference in the outcome.  We make this process simple and easy.

Ok, I’ve lost weight before but how do I keep it off?  It always seems to creep back on.

This is the best part because if you follow my program, you end up changing your entire self from the inside out and your results are everlasting.  You won’t have to worry about this part anymore than you need worry about your foundation of your house…build it right the first time and it will last longer than you will; build it too quickly or shoddy or with the wrong materials and no matter what you put above it, it will always fall eventually, usually when you put stress on it.  Sound familiar?

I tried this hundreds of times. You can’t really expect me to think that you have something that will work for me, can you?

Yes.  You must have hope for you to accept a belief.  To make this easier, I include a money back guarantee.

Why should we listen to you?

I did it myself and I understand all too well the struggle you have been through.  I’ve read every book you have read.  I’ve tried every diet you have tried and somewhere along the way I had an epiphany that the answer I was looking for wasn’t in any of those books.  I’ve assisted people in dropping large amounts of weight and they didn’t even realize they were doing anything. This is not a diet.  You really can’t mess this up…that is unless you take no action.  I can help you but you must first choose to help yourself by taking the first step.  You CAN do this.

How much?

$97…what a bargain.

Email me at

and I will reserve a spot for you in our next class or answer your questions.

This is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself to make a change and I can help you.

With love,

Nealon Hightower


P.s. Whatever you do, please don’t give up.  Please seek help from someone who has traveled the road and found success.  Even if not me, find someone you know who has done it.  It may be the only thing that will give you different results.