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Bless You!

April 26th, 2012 by nealon

Seasonal allergies got you down? Check out this article by Susanne Warren, a board certified holistic health coach who gives you 11 things you can try without taking medication.

News reports from this year and last tell us that increasing numbers of us are experiencing seasonal allergies. If you’re suffering and find that your prescription or over-the-counter medications seem ineffective, why not consider trying a natural remedy? Don’t stop taking your medications, although you’ll most likely want to let your doctor know what you’re doing. After a time, you may find that not only your symptoms, but your need for medications, are greatly reduced.

Here are a number of natural methods to help you gain control over your allergies:

1. Reduce dairy consumption (more…)


January 23rd, 2012 by nealon

Here’s a quick and easy tip to help keep you on track today (more…)

One Small Step for You….

January 16th, 2012 by nealon

…could just be one giant leap for your new life.  3 minutes…check it out.


Reversing Childhood Obesity and the Fattest States

February 3rd, 2011 by nealon

Interesting where we place our excess weight not only as people but as a country. I wonder if we made another map of where the best tasting food comes from if it would coincide.

So the situation seems to be sliding out of control like Mel Gibson at a toga party (more…)

Top Ten Dieting Mistakes

December 13th, 2010 by nealon

So, here we are…getting close to those New Years Resolutions again.  Mmmm hmm.

Well, I want you to have the best possible chance to succeed so I’m going to give you some great tips to  help you stay the course.

Below are the top ten mistakes that people make when setting out (again) to conquer their weight problems.

1. Too much too soon (more…)

Broken Windows

December 4th, 2010 by nealon

Say cheese.

I’d like to share a personal story with you that I think can change the way you look at things. One of  my children has allergies that have his nose full of boogies at this time of year. When the poor little guy sneezes, they come out in full force (not sure where he keeps them all). The other children at school were calling him “snot monster” which took me back to childhood memories of being made fun of for my weight and I have to tell you, my heart just about broke. We went for a ride and had a talk.

“Hey B, did I ever tell you about the time Poppi and I built a house and the kids down the street kept throwing rocks at the windows just as we were about finished with the home?”  I’m glad he still remembers his Poppy.


“Well, listen to this….” (more…)

The EASY Way to Make Money (or lose weight)

December 2nd, 2010 by nealon

Ok, I’ll make this quick because it’s simple and effective and shouldn’t take a lot of explaining.

I heard a brilliant quote today:

“You make money from turning the wheel, not reinventing it.”Bill Harrison

What does this mean?  Find a plan that has been proven to work and work the plan.

You can apply this to money or letting go of weight.  No need to bang your head against the wall and drive yourself crazy…find something that someone has actually done and it was effective to maintain the result.

I have been down the path, tried hundreds of different diet programs, health regimens, weight loss books, you name it.  I have boiled all of the fat off and came up with six universal and simple truths that show what actually works.

I’ve let go of over 100lbs and I’ll show you how to do the same.

You can sign up for our next Tele-workshop where you can learn these simple techniques from the comfort of your own home.

Be well and I hope to hear from you soon,

Nealon Hightower

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Stop Running the Same Play

November 23rd, 2010 by nealon

Watch this 27 second video and change the way you see your life.

YouTube Preview Image

Ever feel like you just keep trying the same thing over and over and over again and end up with the same old struggle when it comes to losing weight or relationships or even making money?

I did too. In fact when I started off on my path of weight release, I didn’t have it in me to run the same old play anymore. I knew that wouldn’t work. It always ended up failing eventually and it had me gaining back even more weight than what I started with. No, I knew this time it had to be different. I needed a fresh new approach. I knew it had to be simple and easy. This video reminded me of that. Simple, easy and very effective. I received this from a friend of mine, Chris Gillebeau who wrote the incredible book, The Art of Non Conformity (a good read).

So simple in fact that it didn’t really feel like I was doing anything. No diets, no exercise and I didn’t remove anything from what I was eating…I only added.

That was the first powerful principle to my success. I never deprived myself of anything, only added good things to enhance what I was doing. Stay tuned for more of the story about how I let go of all that extra weight effortlessly. It will blow your mind when you find out how easy it can be.

Until then….

Be well,
Nealon Hightower,
Author, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release, How I Let Go of Over 100lbs the Easy Way

Let me teach you how to do it.


How Pumpkins Can Make You Thin…

November 19th, 2010 by nealon

Can pumpkins help you lose weight?  Well, I’ve never eaten enough of them to know what the effect is and I’m not sure I really want to know what would happen, however, I do have a great tip for you that will help you with hunger control over the holiday season or anytime for that matter.

Try eating a small handful of raw pumpkin seeds, as a healthy snack, about 20 minutes before you are getting ready to eat.  The fat in the seeds (which is good for you) will send the message to your brain that high quality sustenance is in your system and it will turn down your hunger signals.  Pumpkin seeds work well for several reasons; they’re inexpensive, they don’t have salt and they aren’t nearly as addictive as your run of the mill honey roasted variety of peanuts, cashews or any of those other delicious nuts I just can’t seem to put down once I open the container.  I usually get mine at the local DeKalb Farmers Market where I live and a big bag is only a couple of bucks.

To learn how to roast your own, click here and to learn more of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds, click here.

Pumpkin seeds, they’re not just for digging out of your jack-o-lantern, making a mess and throwing away anymore…try it out and let me know what you think.

Keep checking back in and I’ll cover a bunch of useful tips and strategies for not only getting through the holidays but actually enjoying them and your food too.

Leave a comment below and let me know what some of your favorite strategies are.

Be well,

Nealon Hightower, on facebook

author, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release; How I Let Go of Over 100lbs the Easy Way

What to do when turkey’s attack


Time for a Break?

August 25th, 2010 by nealon

Once upon a time there was a small quaint town nestled in the forest that relied heavily upon wood for cooking and warming their homes.  Wood chopping was a very honorable trade and there was one young man by the name of  Big Henry who was convinced that he could chop more wood than anyone in town.  In fact he was so certain that he challenged anyone in town to a contest.  If they could beat him, he’d chop their wood for one full year.  Most folks knew of Henry’s strength and skill and nobody dared challenge the young man.

Now old man Smitty was old, 79 in fact, but he could still swing an axe and the idea of having someone else chop his wood for a year, well that was just too alluring so he agreed to take up Henry on his offer. Henry laughed at first and asked the crowd for a more suitable component. The town’s people tried to talk Smitty out of it but he had already made up his mind.  They knew he wouldn’t change it so the towns people prepared the wood and set up the event and right on time on the day of the contest, Smitty came walking up with a smile on his face an axe over his back and a old metal thermos in his free hand which was clutching an old fishing pole.

After each chord was cut, they were taken off and stacked in two different wood sheds so that nobody could see how much each had chopped.  At first it seemed to be a pretty fair contest but then Henry started to pull ahead and it was at that moment that Smitty left and went back home.  He retired in his house for a good bit and came back out and started off again.  This went on for hours and every couple hours Smitty would retire and come back.

Henry was so convinced he had this in the bag but just to make sure he started chopping quicker and harder as the day went on. He wanted to beat old Smitty as hard as he could. They chopped on into the night….

The next morning folks rose early and came back out to see how the two were holding up.  They only had a couple minutes to go.  Henry looked dog tired but was clearly ever so confident.  Old Smitty was sipping on a cup of coffee and sitting on a log when he stood up and chopped a couple more logs until the mayor blew the whistle and called time.  They went and checked the piles and it turned out Smitty had beaten Henry by 3 chords.

Confused and upset Henry exclaimed, “But you must have stopped and left 20 times.  I’m pretty sure you even slept for a bit last night.  I worked hard all through the night.  How did you possibly beat me? What were you doing when you went back home.”

Smitty turned around and grabbed his thermos and his fishing pole and as he headed for the creek he muttered, “Oh, I just took a rest, had a bite and sharpened my axe.”

Are you taking enough time to rest, eat well and sharpen your axe.

More effort does not always equal better results whether we’re talking about your health, relationships, money, you name it.

Take a break.

Nobody ever said Smitty wasn't crazy, just that he could swing an axe.

All my best,

Nealon Hightower

Your weight release expert.

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