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Lost in Translation

September 27th, 2012 by nealon

Ever tried to explain the color red to a blind person?  Good luck, right? We understand the value and importance of effective communication when it comes to our relationships or our jobs but did you realize that we often miscommunicate to ourselves? It’s true. (more…)

Quick Meditation works for Weight Release

March 15th, 2012 by nealon

I used meditation regularly (still do) to help me through difficult situations or when I feel stress. Stress, for me, was one of the main factors in why I used to overeat, so getting this under control can prove to be very beneficial to your weight release regimen. Now, I do it every day and have found the benefits to be much more far reaching than just with your health. Here’s a simple demonstration by Martin Boroson showing you how…enjoy.

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How To Eat An Elephant

December 27th, 2011 by nealon

It’s getting close to that time of year when many of our thoughts will be pointed towards losing weight, getting in shape and living a healthier existence. Yes, we all know we should be doing it already but somewhere between January 1st and December 31st we get off track…and on track…and off track…and on track…you get the idea. In fact if you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you painfully get the idea.
So the question comes to me with overwhelming frequency, “How to I stop this brain damaging cycle?” It’s absolutely mind numbing, I know, to start and stop and start and stop over and over again. I know because I lived this my entire life. Unfortunately, I spend the majority of this time not even getting up the momentum required to start, much less start over and over again. You see it takes a lot of courage and energy and momentum to get going on a diet and even more to keep it going long term and it wasn’t until I gave up even trying that the answer came to me…you might say by accident but I say by purpose.

So what’s the secret? (more…)

Is Weight Loss Mind over Matter

December 1st, 2010 by nealon

Couldn't resist Pink Floyd cover art here.

It has been said for many years that your mind has control over your body.  Mind over matter thinking has been applied to  weight loss, financial prosperity, anything that people have struggled with and overcome.

So if that is all there is to it, why don’t we all just master this one and be done with it?

Simple, there’s a missing link here. That would be your heart, your inner wisdom, the spiritual component that can guide you through things that your mind just can’t master 100% of the time.  This wisdom can be captured through meditation or the simple act of quieting your mind and listening to your heart.

So, does that mean our mind doesn’t matter?  Of course not, we need that thing to be working too or we’d forget everything.  What is the new, better paradigm?

Heart over Mind over Matter

Now you got the juice to make it happen.  That’s what I did when I finally realized I couldn’t think my way through my health problems. I had to feel my way through and listen carefully to my heart for direction.

What is your heart trying to tell you?  

Be well,

Nealon Hightower

Author, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release

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P.s. And one more thing…you’ll have a much easier time with weight release than weight loss.  Stay tuned for more on that.


Stop Running the Same Play

November 23rd, 2010 by nealon

Watch this 27 second video and change the way you see your life.

YouTube Preview Image

Ever feel like you just keep trying the same thing over and over and over again and end up with the same old struggle when it comes to losing weight or relationships or even making money?

I did too. In fact when I started off on my path of weight release, I didn’t have it in me to run the same old play anymore. I knew that wouldn’t work. It always ended up failing eventually and it had me gaining back even more weight than what I started with. No, I knew this time it had to be different. I needed a fresh new approach. I knew it had to be simple and easy. This video reminded me of that. Simple, easy and very effective. I received this from a friend of mine, Chris Gillebeau who wrote the incredible book, The Art of Non Conformity (a good read).

So simple in fact that it didn’t really feel like I was doing anything. No diets, no exercise and I didn’t remove anything from what I was eating…I only added.

That was the first powerful principle to my success. I never deprived myself of anything, only added good things to enhance what I was doing. Stay tuned for more of the story about how I let go of all that extra weight effortlessly. It will blow your mind when you find out how easy it can be.

Until then….

Be well,
Nealon Hightower,
Author, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release, How I Let Go of Over 100lbs the Easy Way

Let me teach you how to do it.


How to Get to Sleep

October 14th, 2010 by nealon

Ever have trouble getting to sleep?

Here’s a great idea that was passed on to me that I thought was just wonderful.  It’s called the Gratitude Alphabet.  How’s it work?  Simple.  Whenever you would like to get to sleep, start with the letter A and work your way through the alphabet naming something your are grateful for that starts with each letter.

Now, that will get you in a much better place to relax and get to sleep.  A good nights sleep is so important for us to be able to have the level of energy we need to get the most out of our day and was probalby one of the most important components to my 100+lbs weight release.

It is very challenging to make good decisions, diet, exercise or otherwise if we have not had enough sleep.

I hope this great technique works for you.  Please write in and let me know how it works out for you.

With Love,

Nealon Hightower

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Overcoming Adversity

September 3rd, 2010 by nealon

This is dedicated to my brother whose apartment caught fire last night (faulty wiring) all while his wife has been in the hospital for the last week with a serious condition and in the midst he’s been taking care of his 5 girls..Hang in there bro…love ya!  It get’s better.  I should set you up a donate button.

Does it ever seem like the deck is stacked against you?  Like the harder you try the harder it gets?  Like just when you think you’re breaking through a barrier that another bigger one jumps in your way?  I know I have.  During my journey to prosperous health I had more than a couple of set backs, detours and just plain two by fours across the back of my head.

Well, here’s what I’ve come to appreciate about when you’re down.  It has been said that our greatest moments of explosive growth and advancement are quite often preceded by what may look like “low moments”.  The theory being that the energy required to lift you up to the next level is obtained by crouching down low before the leap, like a high jumper before a jump or a cat getting ready to pounce.  I know I have seen it in my life and when I see adversity coming or things are looking down at the moment, I take it as a sign that some great moments are just around the bend…don’t miss your jump!

Be Well,

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Nealon Hightower, author

Six Simple Truths to Fat Release (buy now)

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How to lose weight the easy way, over 100lbs, Part 1

August 31st, 2010 by nealon

The only weight loss book that's not about losing weight.

I was laying on my back staring at the ceiling fan trying to count how many blades it had while it was moving.  Was it 4 or 5? And then it hit me. The answer I had been searching for my entire life.  The key to losing weight without dieting.  The key to attaining your perfect health and your perfect weight with effortless ease.  After reading virtually every single diet book on the market on how to lose weight and keep it off and drowning in information, much of it contradicting itself leaving me even more frustrated than I was to begin with; in a brilliant moment of clarity my mind opened and let some knowledge in my head.  This has lead the number 1 weight loss book on the market.  Forget everything you thought you knew because the truth is so much easier than anything that has ever been conjured up in the past in a lose weight quick scheme.

So what is the #1 weight loss secret that changes everything?  (more…)

Lose vs. Release

November 18th, 2009 by admin

Am I losing my hair or releasing it?

Ever lose your keys?  Ok, maybe not you, but how about someone you know?  What happened?  I bet you found them.  If you didn’t find them, I bet you replaced them.  You see the problem with losing anything is that at some level we expect to get it back or at least we think it’s a possibility.  Anyone who has been overweight has lost weight, only to find it again along with a little extra for good measure, just so our body’s can teach our minds a lesson about deprivation.  (He’s your weight back, and a couple more to deposit you know where, now give me my brownie back!) (more…)