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Why Listen to Me?

November 10th, 2009 by admin

I’m Nealon Hightower.  I’ve released enough weight to make up another person with effortless ease and I’ve put all you need to know about how I did it in my new book, Six Simple Truths of Fat Release.  I’m just a regular guy with three kids and a wife.  I am here but to serve.  I want to help.  It’s as simple as that.

Below is my statement of purpose and I encourage and welcome each and every one of you who feel so moved to join me on my mission.  Together we will make a difference.

My Vision and my Purpose:

My purpose is to help people create a healing environment where a satisfied mind can prevail; where the pain and sickness of obesity are replaced with joy and passion so they too can freely give the world their special and unique gifts to enable a global shift in consciousness and bring light where there previously was darkness.

We can do it…you can help.  I believe greatness lies in the heart of us all if we can surmount our fears and let it out.

And whats more, we will have fun doing it!

With nothing but love in my heart to give,

Nealon Hightower

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Don't worry, you can still eat.



The truth about weight loss is that it’s simple.  Of course simple does not always mean we’ll make it easy.  It’s simple like you know you must go to work to get a paycheck at the end of the week but it isn’t always easy dealing with the knuckle heads that somehow earned employment at the same place you did even though they clearly were missing a brain.  The truth is we make it difficult because, at some level, we expect it to be.  The truth is we usually get what we expect because we look for for evidence to support our theories in life.  This is how we go through life and we are almost always right…it’s by design.  I have managed to release over 100lbs during the last couple of years.  I’ve done it the hard way and the easy way and have boiled it down to some simple basic principles or laws that hold true anywhere or anytime.

My research led me in a bunch of different directions but always I was searching for the truth, not another diet.  Anyone who has been overweight knows more than we care to admit about diets and I didn’t think the world needed another one.  It bothered me that  over 95% of all diets end in failure with the dieter ending up heavier than when they started.   All the while everyone is cashing in on multi-billion dollar industry regardless of the results.  “I can do better than that” I told myself and in this blog, I intend to show you exactly how I did it…with ease, not pain.

So stick with me and I’ll show you the way.  We’ll do it together and we’ll have fun.  I’ve been there before and I know the pain of obesity.  From childhood through adulthood, I know how it feels. I also know there is a better way and you don’t have to beat yourself up to get there.  I’ll help you friend, because if I can’t give back the incredible gift I’ve found, than that would be the biggest loss of all.  We can do it.  It’s simple and if you allow it to be, it’s also easy.  Thanks for joining me.  I won’t let you down.

Namaste,                                                            free validation


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