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Lost in Translation

Ever tried to explain the color red to a blind person?  Good luck, right? We understand the value and importance of effective communication when it comes to our relationships or our jobs but did you realize that we often miscommunicate to ourselves? It’s true.

You see when I was in the process of dropping over 100lbs of excess body weight, one thing that I learned very quickly was that my body needed to know what exactly it was that I wanted it to do. Once it understood this, then it could start taking different actions (different being the key word here) to get the desired result. The only problem was, my body didn’t quite understand what my goal weight meant…I mean I had never weighed that in my adult life, so it was just a meaningless number. So just like a good translator would do standing between two people who spoke different languages but had to work together, I had to figure out a way to effectively communicate this.

The answer? Visualization. Just like two people who speak different languages, the body does understand pictures and images. So what did I do? I would find pictures in magazines and online that were as close to the image I wanted to create in real life and I put them together to make a vision board. I also recorded visualizations and affirmations that explained in detail what this new image would look like. Once I started to consistently communicate that message, my body got on board and got the job done.

This isn’t and overnight fix, but it will get you going in the right direction and it does work…not just for weight release, mind you. This works for any of the goals and things that we want to attract into our lives, whether it be the ideal relationship, more resources, a better job or even a new car…until you get a clear picture, it could just be lost in translation.

Paint the right picture in your mind, set the right scene and like my good friend used to say, “Ray Charles can see that.”

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