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Lost that Inspired Feeling?…No Worries

My Inspiration!

Ever find yourself just slightly off your game. Maybe you lost the ambition to exercise or your eating habits aren’t quite where you want them to be or the regular zest for life you normally have just isn’t in full effect and you’re not sure what to do about it?

Relax…it happens. It’s called the human experience and it’s constantly changing and evolving. There will be ups and downs. There will be happiness and joy and there will be great inspiration and times of blahhh!

So I’ve come written down my top ten ways to find your inspiration again and get back on track to being the inspired self you were meant to be. Keep in mind you don’t have to do all ten of these. Many times just one thing here can help get you going down the right road back to feeling inspired.

1. Listen to some of your favorite inspirational music.  For example if I’m not feeling like exercising, I’ll pop on a little Rocky theme song action and off I’m going and I always feel better after exercising.

2. Read (or re-read) one of your favorite inspirational books. Some authors that I personally enjoy are Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and Louise Hay.

3. Take one small action that you’ve been putting off for some time. This might be organizing a closet or making a list or cleaning something that needs it. There can be great power in doing small things.

4. Spend some time with children or animals. I mean really get down on their level and play with them. I have three children under the age of 7 and there’s a difference between just being with them and really BEING with them. Children and animals are much more consistently inspired and connected and they are a simple source of inspiration. Don’t believe me…go help a 4 year old make a sandcastle and watch their inspiration come through. Or throw a tennis ball to a golden retriever and see what happens.

5. Watch an inspirational movie. Here is a list of ten of the most inspirational movies.

6. Work on something creative. Paint a picture, write something or draw. It can also help to work in a garden. This will activate the creative side of your brain and can lead to inspirational breakthroughs.

7. Call up a friend who is inspiring. We’ve all got one…give em a call. You know you always feel better about yourself when you talk to them. (Thank you inspiring friends…you know who you are.)

8. Make a list of five of your most inspirational moments in your life and write down how you felt at each one of these events. This will stir up those inspirational feelings.

9. Review your Intentions for the year. Every year I write down about half a dozen things I would like to hold firm this year (I like to work in sixes :)) and it helps to go back and review these regularly.

10. Make a vision board. Don’t know how, you can download my book at and there are some guidelines in there to get you started.

You see, the idea here is to change something in your perspective and this can create the spark needed to light the fire. Once the fire is lit…you don’t need any more sparks, just a bucket of water handy.

Have a super inspirational day and please leave a comment below to let everyone know what you do to get inspired.

Nealon Hightower

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