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Top Ten Reasons to Never Give Up

Ok, so we’ve all been there before. Felt like we were at the end of our rope and ready to throw in the towel, right. Well here’s ten reasons to keep going.

1. Because someone may be watching.

You never know who you are inspiring with your perseverance and determination.  Do it for you, but know it’s helping others.

2. Because you deserve to reach your goal.

Regardless of what anyone has told you in the past, if you can dream it you can allow it. You ARE worthy of your dreams. People who don’t have dreams, don’t have much.

3. Because you can.

You are still breathing which means blood is pumping which means life hasn’t given up on you…don’t give up on it. Hope is alive and pulsing inside all of us.

4. Because others have given up so much for you to have opportunities.

Freedom and opportunity have come at great cost. Take full advantage of your life.

5. Because happiness is our god given right.

That’s right, you weren’t put here to suffer, you were put here to thrive and improve the world. It’s your right.

6. Because it feels great!

Nothing feels quite as sweet as victory and triumph over that which has held you back.

7. Because you have much more strength than you know.

The human spirit is strong….very strong. We can overcome anything.

8. Because “lucky” breaks do happen.

You never know when that right and perfect break is going to come along.

9. Because tomorrow’s another day.

As long as the sun comes up again, you can try again. You can never fail if you keep trying. Thomas Edison found over 1000 way to not make a light bulb.

10. It’s often darkest just before the dawn.

Many a failure was only a hair away from being a huge success. There’s only one degree difference between hot water and steam, the most powerful substance on the planet.

Be well…and don’t give up.

Nealon Hightower

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