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Create a Space for Change to Happen

Follow these five easy tips to bring about change.

Finding a solution to an age old problem like weight loss can seem very daunting. Especially when failure has been the only end result you’ve ever known. Well, I encourage you to try a couple new things next time you are trying to bring about change in your life, whether its weight loss, relationships, financial situations or whatever you are facing.

1. Create space for the change to happen. At some level you have to have an expectation that you can bring about this change. You don’t have to know exactly how you’re going to get there but you do have to have a belief that it is possible. Its not enough (or productive) to complain about the way things are, say we want to change but then stay stuck in the same routine. Make room for the possibility that you can have what you want and….

2. Start small. Change something, anything. Clear out that closet you’ve been meaning to do. Finish that project you started  a year ago. Do something that you have control over to build a sense of empowerment. Action begets action and that leads to momentum.

3. Focus more on adding than taking away. Yes, no doubt there are things that need to find their way out of your life, and they will, but to get started try adding new more productive things than taking away the not-so-productive things. This may be as simple as adding more water to your diet or a piece of fruit. It may mean reaching out and adding a new friend or support group to your network. It might be adding the habit of practicing gratitude for what’s good in your life. Bottom line is you know some of the good things you need in your life and instead of going for a complete overhaul, try just adding some of those thing bit by bit and watch them displace the not so good habits.

4. You only have to see in front of you. Remember, in a vehicle, you can make in hundreds of miles in the pitch black by turning on it’s headlights and only seeing several hundred feet in front of you. Yes, it’s a good idea to get pointed in the right direction and vital to have a picture of where you want to end up, but when you find yourself in overwhelm, remember that you only have to be concerned in this moment with what is right in front of you. This will keep your progress moving forward and keep you from getting stuck.

5. Get help from someone who has done what you want to do. There is no teacher quite like experience and it’s hard to argue with results. Find someone who has had success in accomplishing whatever it is that you are out to accomplish.

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Here’s to your health and happiness!

Nealon Hightower

author, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release

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