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The Power of Writing Things Down

It only takes one small step to get going in the right direction.

I remember sitting there with my head in my hands wondering why wouldn’t the number on the scale go down??!! I worked hard, didn’t I? I ate right, didn’t I? I felt like I had done all the right things and still I didn’t seem to be making any progress. This would sometimes go on for weeks and weeks on end. The worst was when the number on the scale actually went up and here I was thinking I was doing so well and working so hard. The answer for me wasn’t obvious, but it did eventually come to me.

Well, like they say, hindsight is 20/20, I think even better than that sometimes and when you consider our right now sight would sometimes qualify us to be legally blind. Although I don’t choose to spend a great deal of time looking backward a certain amount of retrospective reflection  can do a body good.  Here is what I learned.  Somewhere along the way of my personal transformation I got the bright idea of writing down what I ate and how active I had been. I did this almost every day when I was releasing most of my excess weight and once I did something amazing happened…I started getting results. I started learning things about the way I was eating and moving that opened me up to trying some different things. You see before that I was just assuming everything was spot on and there was just something wrong with me, but after I started writing it down, I realized that I was making some not so great decisions regularly and those small decisions were leading to either no progress or even worse, the opposite of progress or regression. I found that that extra handful of this or that extra bottle of that was actually the culprit and holding me back. The problem with not realizing this was that when I couldn’t get the results I was looking for I would immediately blame my body’s inability to burn fat like a normal person which of course released me from any personal responsiblity for having to change anything myself. This really all comes down to the second simple truth and its all about awareness.  The beauty of this small tip is that you can apply it to almost anything you want to change in your life. Quite often we just need to bring a little more awareness to what we’re doing and writing down your activities can be a major move in the right direction.

“It is far easier to change that which we are aware of.” – The Second Simple Truth

I’ve said it before, if we expect to transformation to happen in our life, something has got to change somewhere. I’m not saying you have to change it all at once. Actually, I’m encouraging you NOT to do that. But I am suggesting that you might consider starting by writing down the things you eat and drink and your activity level every day and see if that alone doesn’t start your transformation off in the right direction.  So many of us are right on the brink of a major break through and so often something just as small as this can make all the difference…and if I’m wrong? Well, nothing ventured, nothing lost.  And if I’m right? Write me back and tell me your story.

Has awareness of anything affected your life in any way? Allowed you to make better choices? Share your experience below.

Until next time,

Be well,

Nealon Hightower

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