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Green Tea for Weight Release

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the green tea. I drank 2-3 cups per day, and still do, all throughout my weight release transformation as I mention in my book. Of course there are many ways to enjoy it, not all steaming hot and there are more than a couple unexpected benefits from drinking green tea. I prefer to make about 8-10 cups of it in a big pot every couple of days. I let it cool on the stove and then pour it in a pitcher. Every morning, I pour about 16 ounces of of tea and 16 ounces of purified water into my BPA free Nalgene container and I’m off and running for the day.

A great tip, I usually try to fill it back up with just plain water by around lunch time and this way I’m almost certain to get my minimum 64 ounces of water per day that I aim to drink.  Every little bit helps and staying hydrated is a big part of controlling my hunger.  If you wait until your body is too far out of balance, it takes much more mental and physical effort to bring it back in and I found that was when I was making the biggest blunders.  I have three good reasons that I drink green tea daily to help me maintain a healthy weight.

1. I dig the little shot of caffeine it gives me throughout my morning to make sure I have a little pep in my step…I’m not gonna lie.

2. I find that it helps control my appetite and hunger levels (another tip).

3. It is rich with antioxidants and catechins that help keep your body healthy.

Dr. Andrew Weil is an incredible person who has been supporting healthy living for decades and it turns out he’s a green tea drinker too. Below is a great article by Dr. Weil explaining some of the reasons (different reasons) he suggests taking in the green nectar:

5 Reasons to Drink Green Tea, by Andrew Weil, MD

Looking for a simple resolution to improve your overall health? Start drinking green tea. My beverage of choice, green tea is a potent source of catechins – healthy antioxidants that can inhibit cancer cell activity and help boost immunity. Need more reasons to drink green tea? It can also:

  1. Lower cholesterol levels and rates of heart disease
  2. Help protect against bacterial infections
  3. Promote joint health and stronger bones
  4. Reduce inflammation
  5. Enhance the effects of antibiotics, even against drug-resistant bacteria and “superbugs”

Green tea is available in a wide range of varieties – introduce yourself by substituting a cup of green tea for a cup of coffee and you will soon be enjoying the health benefits of this delicious beverage! Learn to appreciate the subtle fragrance of good-quality green tea and use tea time to unwind, meditate and take respite from your stress du jour.

So there you have it gang, I’ve even thrown in what the doctor ordered.

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Be well,

Nealon Hightower

P.s. Leave your favorite tip for keeping hunger away, getting your water in, or any other way that would help people be healthier. The winner will get an autographed signed copy of my book and a coupon for a half gallon of Breyer’s Green Tea Ice Cream…on the house.

P.s.s. If we can gather about 50 good tips, I’ll put them all together and we can all co-author an e-book together which I’ll make available on this site…so go get your friends and your ideas and leave your comments below. Everyone who contributes will get a mention in the release….keep em coming.


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