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Top Ten Dieting Mistakes

So, here we are…getting close to those New Years Resolutions again.  Mmmm hmm.

Well, I want you to have the best possible chance to succeed so I’m going to give you some great tips to  help you stay the course.

Below are the top ten mistakes that people make when setting out (again) to conquer their weight problems.

1. Too much too soon

You know the drill, you go from a sedentary couch potato to a hardcore soldier in boot camp.  Like Dr. Phil says, “How’s that workin for ya?”

2.  Leaving out exercise

Physical activity is key to releasing weight. You don’t have to start a running program or competitive weight lifting but you do need to get your body in motion.  I only did one single activity when I dropped all of my 100lbs and it was easier than you might think.

3. Lack of preparation

The intentions were good, but the horse took off without the wagon. Like my uncle Mark used to say, “failure to plan is planning to fail” (I think he said that, or maybe it was proper preparation prevents piss poor performance, or maybe it was lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part…whatever you said, thanks Mark)

4.  Skipping Breakfast

Remember your mom telling you it was the most important meal of the day? You are not helping yourself by skipping this one. Eating, specifically eating protein within 30 minutes of waking up will get your metabolism in full swing which means many more calories burning all day long. Otherwise, you wake up in a state of “famine”, or at least your body thinks so and it starts turning down the energy level on the machine…you slow down…you stop burning calories…you eventually eat…you gain weight…get it?

5. Not enough water

Diet soda, coffee or any other caffeinated or sugar filled drink doesn’t count.  The little known secret here is that you don’t need a gallon of the stuff, just start with 64 oz per day and you’ll be amazed at the results. Walking around in a state of dehydration leads to overeating, lack of energy, slower metabolism and a general yuck feeling (that is the technical term).

6. Deprivation

This just doesn’t work.  You may stop yourself from it this time but it will eventually come back to haunt you. There is an easier way to get at peace with your food. During my 100lb+ weight release (not weight loss) I never deprived myself of anything.

7. Lack of Awareness of what’s going in

You could also file this one under mindless eating.  Most overweight people eat much more calories than they think they do. It wasn’t until I started consistently writing down what I was eating that I realized I was taking in an average of well over 3000 calories per day, much more than I needed. Of course some days would be far less and those were the days I thought about when I was confused as to why I was gaining weight.

8. Not seeing results when you expected them and quitting

Unfortunately, many of us take a very short term view of this whole weight issue. Your results week to week can vary depending on so many things, mostly water retention. Hang in there, give it time and study what you are actually doing (go back to #7)

9. Not eating enough

This is HUGE. People cut calories down to next to nothing, get a quick result and do it some more, lose more weight and keep on going until you’re eating next to nothing and still not losing weight, or worse, gaining it. You need food to have energy. Nothing burns as many calories as eating, the key is the eating the right things.

10.  No plan (or running the same play…again)

The big day comes and you weren’t really sure what you were going to do…and so…I think I’ll just hang out here until this episode of Biggest Loser is over.  This is probably the biggest problem is not having a clear cut strategy that actually has a chance of working for you.  Here’s an idea, try something different than what you tried the last 100 times.  You want a different result, try a different action. This one I can help you with.

Actually, I can help you with all of these if you sign up for our next Weight Release Tele-Workshop. I will personally walk you through exactly what I did to release my weight and show you why it was so easy. You’ve never seen anything like this before and the beauty is you can do it right from the comfort of your home. Classes are about an hour long, one night a week.

But like Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

It’s your turn to move.

With love,

Nealon Hightower

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  • Great, great advise on this newsletter! Keep em coming!! Happy Holidays to you and your family, Nealon!

  • Emily says:

    This is great! So many key mistakes I see my clients make regularly, and that I made myself! (and sometimes still do)

    Thanks for this wonderful wake-up call. I’ll be sharing it around.

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