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6 Simple Steps to Being Thin and What the Donald Can Teach Us

Donald Trump and Weight Loss?

I was speaking with Brian Greenberg yesterday from WNJC who had lost 15 lbs this year himself and was interested in what I could add to his show. I asked him what it is his audience could use help with the most and he replied, “Keeping the weight off. We can all lose the initial pounds but how do we sustain it long term?”

There is a common misunderstanding in how to bring about one’s perfect weight, or anything a person desires for that matter and sustain it.  This is the reason diets fail 97% of the time and will continue to do so forever until this core issue is addressed.  What is that issue?  We never learn how to be the weight we want to be, we just know we want to have our bodies weight that much and do whatever is required to get there. What does that mean?

I’ll give you a simple example as it relates to wealth, money and Donald Trump….

Money is something that seems to be a common denominator for all of us. Every year, thousands of people win the lottery and come into a windfall of millions of dollars. Most of these people are people who have had no prior experience with any large quantity of money and after several short years, with over 70% of the people, the money is gone and many are bankrupt, often worse off than when they started (sound anything like your last diet?).  Now, let’s look at a fellow like Donald Trump.  What happens when this guy goes bankrupt and loses it all?  A very short while later he is right back on top, with more money than he had before, right?  Now what is the difference?  Simple, he knew how to be wealthy.  The money was simply a side affect from who he was. The lottery winner did not and the side effect of that persons actions will return right back to one of lack, or at least where they started from.

So how can you apply this to being thin or bringing your perfect weight about?  Here’s a handy guide to learning the skill of permanent change in six simple steps:

1. Start slow and gradual. Permanant change does not have to happen overnight. Your successes all build on top of each other.

2. Stay focused on what you are doing right, not what you did wrong. Whatever we focus on we will expand and get more of in our life.

3. Drink plenty of water every day. You simply cannot release weight very easily without this simple step. I recommend at least 64 oz.

4. Stay aware of what you are doing by writing down daily what you are eating and how much you are exercising. Just like wealthy people form habits of monitoring thier spending and saving, you too can monitor your eating and exercising.

5. Find a physical activity that you truly enjoy and start participating in it regularly whether it be yoga, raquetball, or just simply walking with a friend.  If you enjoy this, it will not be a struggle for you.

6. Find a support network that  you can count on. When people have studied the 3% of those who do actually succeed when they set out to let go of extra weight, quite often there is some kind of support group in place.

These are all changes that if you welcome in your life, will start shifting the way you view your health and your life and bring you into alignment with your perfect weight…without the struggle.

So there you have it, if you learn how to BE that healthy person, you will always end up HAVING the things a healthy person will have and will in turn DO the things required to maintain it forever.

Life is good, all is well and so it is.

Nealon Hightower

author, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release; How I let go of Over 100lbs the Easy Way

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