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Problems and Opportunities

Often in life we’re faced with these things we label as problems; we’re tired, don’t have enough money or time, feeling bad, having trouble with someone or something or don’t feel like we’re living the incredible life we could be living.  Yes, these are the things we call problems.  The next thing we are traditionally trained to do is to (if we have the desire or energy) go out there and fight those problems, wage a war on them, sometimes.  Ultimately, this doesn’t prevail.  Ironically, this creates more of the problem because that is what we are focused on and we bring more of that to us in the law of attraction based universe.

I realized this at a deep level when I set out to release weight over 3 years ago. I realized that somehow I had to make friends, the best I could, with my problems. I had to stop viewing them as an obstacle or opponent that needed to be battled and at the start, just let them be as I tried to figure out another way. Later in my journey of what started as weight loss, I came to the epiphany, with the help of much guidance from the likes of Tony Robbins (how to hit your peak), Hale Dwoskin (how to let go), Jack Canfield (how to model success), Wayne Dyer (how to find peace) and Louise Hay (how to heal yourself) that if you view your problems as opportunities then you open up a whole new world and a whole new way of viewing them. This is also sometimes referred to as reframing your problems and it can be a life changing skill to learn.

So, how could a problem be an opportunity?  Simple. Anything area in your life that is creating some sort of discomfort is an area where you have the opportunity to feel better.  This problem serves to give you contrast to that which do not want which will give birth, ultimately to the desire of that which you do want and the relief comes in when you start moving toward that.  The opportunity is that the problem shows you immediately an area of life where you can feel better.  Sick? Think of what it would be like to be completely healthy.  Depressed?  Think of what it would be like to be joyously happy. Tired?  How would it feel to have more energy than you knew what to do with?  All things that are possible, all things that give you incredible opportunity to make the most out of the wonderful life experience we have all been given.

What opportunities lay before you, right now?

Be well,

Nealon Hightower

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  • Emily says:

    I love this idea! And it is valuable to be grateful for problems as opportunities for personal growth. Without problems, we have no reason to change for the better!

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