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Too Much Work Part 2

Sometimes a friend can help you have fun...get creative.

continued from Part 1

Ok, so we know that sometimes things are easy and staying on track and accomplishing our goals and eating right and doing the right things just seems to happen naturally, with what seems like effortless ease, right?  So how do we get in that zone where dieting and everything else we struggle with come to us naturally.

Ok, here it is.  The whole trick is to get yourself to feeling better.  This may take different actions depending on where you are at emotionally at the time, but the better and better you can get yourself to feel, you will eventually find yourself in a place where you are feeling wonderful and then you are in the zone.  Then you are connected with your true nature, which is one of good health and happiness.

How do we get to feeling better?  That is a very individual thing but it may be as simple as going for a walk or reading a book or watching a favorite movie or calling up a good friend that always knows the right thing to say to you.  If you focus on it for a second you will realize that you already know the things that make you happy and make you feel better.  Just do more of them.  Keep reaching for a better and better feeling and you will climb your way up the ladder to a place where everything in your life just flows with ease.  It means shifting your focus off of the thing that you are not enjoying or appreciating and putting it on something that you always enjoy or appreciate.

At it’s backbone, this is all about gratitude, which is the first of the Six Simple Truths.  When you can keep your focus on people, things and activities that you can truly appreciate or be grateful for, then you are flowing in the right direction.
When you are stuck in anxiety, depression, anger or even just boredom, you are not focusing on what you have to be grateful for you are focusing on what is not ideal, or what is not “right”.  The more aware you become of this (the basis of second of the Six Simple Truths) and the way you are feeling, the quicker you can start moving yourself in the desired direction. Just keep in mind that it is always easier to take small steps in the right direction than huge leaps.  So if you are very unmotivated or blue, don’t be looking to jump straight to ecstasy, instead, try reaching for anything that feels just a little better than where you currently are.

It takes time to get consistent with this, but remember, it’s progress, not perfection that we’re going after.  And when you can get yourself to feel better, everything else will just fall into place, even your weight release…really.

So get out there and have some fun and when you return to the task at hand, it will be easier.  (Think of it like getting up and walking away from math homework and then coming back to it re-energized)

I hope this helps.  We’ll be talking more about this for sure in the future.

Thanks for tuning in.

Much love,

Nealon Hightower

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  • Mark Ferris says:


    I hope a lot of people read and reread your pearls of wisdom. After almost nine months of battling nagging injuries, I’m finally able to fully exert myself again. It is a slow process and then one day you say, “Wow, that felt good. And nothing hurts!”


  • ryan hightower says:

    maybe you should make it the NEXT 3 people LOL

  • Tom Rutlin says:

    Your first simple truth – gratitude is spot on! No matter what your starting point, you have to focus on gratitude for the fact that our bodies have nearly unlimited ability to move toward health and balance – with our cooperation. It’s been said that our bodies have within them all factors less oxygen and nourishment necessary for fully vibrant health. The key to supplying the oxygen is simply finding a way of moving your body which feels good and can become positively addicting. The key to nourishing your body well is to honor it in every food choice we make. It’s about recognizing with gratitude the abundance of delicious things our creator put on this earth that we can both savor and draw healthy nourishment from.

  • Emily says:

    This is so awesome! We can’t MAKE ourselves do what we know is “good” for us when it makes us miserable, or when we are unfulfilled. What we eat is so related to other things in our lives that feed us emotionally and spiritually–and even physically, like exercise.

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