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How to help someone get going…

Push or pull?

Can leading by example really help others around us do better and be happier or are we better off with the traditional methods of “motivating”?

Well, as I have come to understand it, when others see you in true alignment with who you really are, your true self, your true nature, one of health and happiness, it helps them get connected with who they really are and from that place, all the right moves just naturally happen and the right choices are natural choices and it requires absolutely zero motivation because it is coming from a place within and that is called inspiration.

This is the same reason why you feel good and feel inspired when you are around someone who is connected. They don’t have to teach you or motivate you or tell you what to do.  You only need to be in their presence and you want to reach for a better feeling.  That reaching is you allowing the connection with your wiser inner being and it never struggles with anything, just like the universe doesn’t struggle to grow a tree…it just grows because that is what comes natural.  Your nutrition, exercise, work load, relationships, education and ultimately your well being will all fall naturally into place when you can get connected and learn to follow your heart’s wisdom.

The place where people tend to slip up and lose this grasp is when they try to go from nearly completely disconnected (which by the way you can never completely disconnect) to totally connected which is really just too far of a stretch so it is usually artificial or in other words “relies upon motivation”.  When the motivation wears off, much like a pain killer, the pain is right back in your face even stronger than it was before and you’re left feeling distraught and disempowered.  In the past, this is right where I’d fall flat on my face after a failed diet attempt, but you can probably fill in the blank for yourself as to where this applies.

So what is the answer?  Just reach for some kind of slight improvement and let the inspiration  flow naturally to you.  Reach for a slightly better thought instead of trying to get yourself to feel 100% right now.  Just try to be a little better than you were a moment ago and you can shift the energy.  This is why when I started I took nothing away from my diet and only added good things to it, slowly.  I didn’t even go to the gym I just started by taking a walk down to the end of the street.  Little by little I built up my mental and physical strength and noticed that I felt a little better and a little stronger and I wanted to do just a little bit more.

You see, one thing that I have come to learn is that progress is progress and as long as we’re moving in the right direction most of the time, you would be amazed at where you’ll end up in  the long run.  And the difference between stagnation and progress may just be a short walk to that first telephone pole and back outside.  Focusing on how unpleasant your current situation may be will only bring you more of the same.  Focusing on putting that first step out there….now that’s where the juice is!

Be well…and don’t forget to smile at least 21 times today.


Nealon Hightower


  • ry says:

    Not many “telephone poles” in az, will a saguaro suffice?

  • Malessa says:

    I think today’s post is truly inspiring. When you lead by being a good example it is truly empowering for youself and those around you.
    Being a force for goodin this world produces powerful results.
    I agree. It is SIMPLE!

  • Cyndie says:

    Great one! I think this may be one of the top ten, if not the #1. Very inspiring!!!!

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