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Ten Tips for Traveling Healthy

Isn’t it nice to come back home after traveling and being away. I mean its always great to visit new places, meet new people and expand your horizons but nothing beats sleeping in your own bed and having access to your regular food and exercise routine.

I’ve been off for the last several weeks promoting my new book, Six Simple Truths to Fat Release which will be coming out within the next two weeks and I met so many wonderful people in the book industry including Cheryl Richardson author of The Art of Extreme Self Care of  Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Reid Tracey, CEO of Hay House Publishing. One thing I realized was the importance of being mindful of what your eating and your activity levels. It’s so easy to get knocked off course when your away. So, I spoke with many different people over the last two weeks and gathered some of the best ideas on how to stay fit while you travel…here we go

1. Remember your trip starts at home.

I always find it helpful to really try to make a conscious effort the week or two before I leave for a trip to get all my exercise in and eat extra healthy.  This puts me in the right frame of mind when I hit the road so all hell doesn’t break loose at the first sign of a Philly cheese steak (more on this later).

2. Don’t forget to drink your water.

Not getting enough water is just as bad for you on vacation as it is at home and it’s easy enough to remedy. Although they will not let you bring a full container of liquids on the plane, you can still bring your water bottle and fill it up at the first opportunity beyond the security checkpoint…not to mention save yourself $4.00 for a 12 once bottle of water, or worse, drink soda or something else because it’s more convenient. This one is really a no brainer and will save you time, money and calories.

3. Write down what your eating and drinking.

Sometimes it’s enough to take the action to write down what your eating to keep you accountable.  Sometimes we tend to take on the mindset that the burger we eat out of town will not end up in the same place as it does when we’re at home…it does.  But, writing it down is easy and will often prompt you to be mindful enough to make a better decision.

4. Take time to rest and get quiet.

Be it meditation, a moment just to close yours eyes and unplug or even just a catnap, be sure to take some time to get quiet and connect with your inner self.  Remember, your inner self is your true nature and it is one of perfect health.  The more you connect with that, the closer you’ll be with it, just like any relationship, really.  This will also help you get the most out of your trip by allowing you to stay in the moment and keep what’s most important in focus.  Quiet time like this is a real neutralizer for stress, which can happen while traveling.  Stress can lead to poor eating, so a minute or two of quiet here and there can really add up.

5.  Make an effort to stay somewhere that has a workout room.

Ok…I hear you, don’t want to work out on vacation, right?  Well, think of it this way, maybe your time away is the perfect time to start a new habit while you have broken your normal routine.  Look, there’s no harm in staying somewhere that actually has a treadmill or stationary bike, right?  And if we’re ever going to make the healthy decision, it would certainly be easier if there’s actually an option available.  Just ask when booking your room if you’re going to be staying in a hotel.

6.  Walk, walk, walk…

Traveling is the perfect time for walking.  Be aware and look for opportunities that you could walk more instead of sitting on your duff for an hour and a half while your plane is delayed.  Walking is something you can do no matter where you stay or where you travel to and it’s free.  During my 100+ pound weight release, the only activity I regularly performed for exercise was walking and it works!  Bonus tip…bring your mP3 player to pass the time and get your pace moving.

7.  Plan your meals the best you can.

So these days, you can always go online and look at menus before you ever leave your room, right?  At  the very least you can call ahead.  Be sure to do your best to choose somewhere that has some healthy options or a salad bar. I’m not saying you have to eat like a rabbit all week but at least let’s throw some veggies in the mix at every meal.  This really helps displace some of the junk we would otherwise be eating due to a bad case of I-can-eat-whatever-I-want-because-I’m-in-a-different-zip-code-itus.

8.  Don’t forget the fruit.

Now, while there are a million reasons to eat junk while traveling there is really no good reason not to keep some fruit on you at all times.  Eat this fruit in between meals and you will keep your blood sugar regular and therefor your hunger levels at bay and not be quite so likely to choose something unhealthy and/or overeat.  Fruit is very portable, already portioned out in most cases and easy to eat anywhere.

9.  Prepare as many of your meals as possible.

This is especially helpful if traveling in the car.  Bring a cooler with sandwiches and salads.  This will help prevent you from making a less than healthy choice and save you some green at the same time.  If it is your intention, you can always find a grocery store and buy some healthy food for at least some of your meals.

10.  Be realistic (and kind) with yourself.

Food is not your enemy and from time to time its ok to indulge.  If you set up rules that are so strict, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure eventually.  Remember that this is all supposed to be fun.  Being hard on yourself never works in the long run.  If you end up eating something that was a little off the flight plan, just relax and let it go.  Life is too short to be beating yourself up all the time.  Plus, the more you start making tough rules for yourself, the more the rebel in you will want to break them.

So…confession:  I did happen to be in Philadelphia aquiring a wealth of information on book marketing from Bill and Steve Harrison this last week and I just had to go check out Gino’s and Pat’s to try a real Philly Cheese Steak and man were they good.  Which one was better…I think I might save that for another blog entry.  If you leave a comment, I’ll tell you which one was better (hands down).

Thanks so much for tapping in, tuning in and turning on…

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  • Hey Nealon,
    So happy to see the book has become a reality and happy to see you’re doing so well. Thanks for the traveling tips – I’ll be sure to put them to use on an upcoming trip to Africa.


  • Tim says:

    Keep us posted on the cheese steaks!

  • damon says:

    I did the Philly thing about three weeks ago. That was the third time this year so I can tell you hands down that Pats is truly the king of steaks. Cheese wiz and mushrooms all the way! Ginos is for the weak!

  • Calogero says:

    Thanks for the ten tips. When I travel I usually carry raisins for fruit and seeds and nuts for protein. They travel very well.

    See you soon…

  • Malessa says:

    Welcome back. Thanks for the tips on 10 tips for traveling. Very usefull.
    Your trip sounds like it was very enlightening and exciting. Can hardly wait to hear more on future postings.

  • Barbara says:

    Welcome back! Your trip sounds like it
    was very enlightening and fruitful! Thanks
    for the 10 tips for traveling. Keep up the
    good work. I am so proud of you!

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