The truth about weight release, diets and fat loss

Can Sugar Make a Polar Bear Happy?

Watch once…think twice…

Lost in Translation

Ever tried to explain the color red to a blind person?  Good luck, right? We understand the value and importance of effective communication when it comes to our relationships or our jobs but did you realize that we often miscommunicate to ourselves? It’s true. (more…)

Lost that Inspired Feeling?…No Worries

My Inspiration!

Ever find yourself just slightly off your game. Maybe you lost the ambition to exercise or your eating habits aren’t quite where you want them to be or the regular zest for life you normally have just isn’t in full effect and you’re not sure what to do about it?

Relax…it happens. It’s called the human experience and it’s constantly changing and evolving. There will be ups and downs. There will be happiness and joy and there will be great inspiration and times of blahhh!

So I’ve come written down my top ten ways to find your inspiration again and get back on track to being the inspired self you were meant to be. Keep in mind (more…)

Bless You!

Seasonal allergies got you down? Check out this article by Susanne Warren, a board certified holistic health coach who gives you 11 things you can try without taking medication.

News reports from this year and last tell us that increasing numbers of us are experiencing seasonal allergies. If you’re suffering and find that your prescription or over-the-counter medications seem ineffective, why not consider trying a natural remedy? Don’t stop taking your medications, although you’ll most likely want to let your doctor know what you’re doing. After a time, you may find that not only your symptoms, but your need for medications, are greatly reduced.

Here are a number of natural methods to help you gain control over your allergies:

1. Reduce dairy consumption (more…)

Quick Meditation works for Weight Release

I used meditation regularly (still do) to help me through difficult situations or when I feel stress. Stress, for me, was one of the main factors in why I used to overeat, so getting this under control can prove to be very beneficial to your weight release regimen. Now, I do it every day and have found the benefits to be much more far reaching than just with your health. Here’s a simple demonstration by Martin Boroson showing you how…enjoy.

more on meditation for weight release


Brown Fat to the Rescue?

So apparently the obesity issue is now affecting our national security but not to worry, Uncle Sam has got a plan. (more…)

Embracing Change

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.” – Mark Twain

If we want to make changes in our lives, if we want to see new results that we’ve never seen before one thing is for sure. We have to step out of our box and switch some things up a bit. The number one reason people end up failing in reaching their weight goals, or for that matter, any other major goals or aspirations they have in life is simple… (more…)

Make it Easy!

Nothing like a little digital awareness. The products are getting cooler and cooler. I wore a pedometer for all of my 100lb weight release journey…Still do.

The fourth Simple Truth deals with Awareness… (more…)

USDA Improves School Meals

Good to see our First Lady, Michelle Obama and Agricultural Secretary, Tom Vilsack working together to improve the quality of our elementary school meals that over 32 million of our children partake in every year. The USDA just released the plan to make our school lunches healthier. The major changes are in the following categories. (more…)

I’m Stuck!!!

Ever feel like you’re just plain stuck? Your weight isn’t moving, your job seems like a dead end, your relationships aren’t what you’d like them to be. Well, you want to know how I got unstuck when I found my 100 + lbs transformational weight release not moving as quickly as I’d like? (more…)